Why not build sustainable Tribes?

Karg natur

We have now left the industrial time where we needed to work together in the cities. Because of all the things that we thought we needed by consuming stuff.
This is not sustainable anymore and we now need to find a new way, I would say.

When we now can use internet to connect with the world today, we also need to connect better in real life. To get a better social balance. If we help each other in Tribe-livings, life could be great in the countryside again.

Ordernary companies are not always so interested in the people that works for them. More to get money into the companies. But if Tribes share the things they dont need, it will be something else.

We could use our skills and passion to decide who would be the best person for the work that is needed. Growing food in small scale farming will be the most important thing, off course. And to solve the problem how grow and to heat green houses during wintertime in Sweden. And then it is good that we have local thoughts in the frontline about this energy issue. Who knows what will happen in the future? Because many innovations can solve things if we leave old thoughts. And if we start the sharing-culture hopefully others will follow. Alone will it be a change! And I would also like to have a few rooms for touists and a Health-training and spa for both adults, children and animals.

All work that is reqired in the tribe must be equal important for the members. Then it will be less hiararkies. And if you also work with consensus-decitions, this will be even stronger. If the best idea allways win, no matter who has got it we will be Direct Democracy. And why can not the same ”system” for the bigger ”socken” and the whole Gotland, as well? So the best idea allways will win and representatives can be sent from each tribe or socken when something big needs to be done. And use mobile phones when to vote in important issues. Then we dont need any politicians and no countries either. And no citizen can complain about decitions that been made.

The giant problems with women-rape in the world today will also be harder to do, when other adults can recognize it early in the tribe. Today many strange things happens between closed doors. And to live in relationchips more open in front of each other will off course get better social controle. And that will probably help.

Separations between married couples will probably also be easier for the children. Because they can stay in the tribe, even if someone of the adult parts choose to move. Maybe other adults can be helpful in the heeling-process as well. And who children decide to like best has nothing to do with blood.

To communicate is not allways easy when two married people separates, but maybe other forms then marridge also will develop when life change in this way.

I hope I can find a nice farm here on Gotland where I would like to try this new Tribe-living. And maybe you like the idea and wants to sponsor it? Or the Holistic application with the digithal library? Then you can send money directly to my Bank-account here below.

Name: Lennart Bladh
Address:Odvaldsvägen 99,
Post code:62377
Mobile phone: +46709687056
SKYPE Name: lennart.bladh4
IBAN: SE73 6000 0000 0002 5537 5492. BIC: HANDSESS

You can also use SWISH: Phone number 0709687056

My intention is also to measure IF this lifestyle is a better one by my app Holistic profile. Which will be built both for children over 13 and adults. And that is one of my company-ideas to the project. With the same questions and ready answers it will be possible to investigate a lot. You can read more about that in my blog-post ”Holistic Scientific Resurch on Gotland”.

Humans have lived in tribes must of our 200 000 years on earth, I would say. And social science about Sence of Coherence also give this way of living support. Maybe because people help each other instead of competing, and many different skills will off course be needed. If the company also will be the big economomic risktaker, I also think this system may ”loose some pressure” from peoples shoulder. And that may also help creativity to flourish even more. And we need leave the crazy banksystem we now have and build a new one. Maybe thr crypto-currency One-Coin can be the solution. Who knows? I only know this system can not go on…

Hopefully, later on this ”New Living System” even can help other people to get stronger also. And it would be very nice if I could export all my Holistic thoughts to the lawful ”Republic from the United States”


You can also follow me on Youtube, Google, LinkedIn or Instagram as Lennart Bladh, but not on Facebook. That is because The New World Order is connected with Facebook, and they are affraid of this New System.

God Bless /The Piper


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