We need Directdemocracy

Logotype for use in USA

Logotype for use in USA

Many years has gone since Greece invented Democracy. And we all can see how bad the system is today. How people are very disapointed about who won the election in the US, and that they can not do anything about it. The people feel powerless about the whole process. And they think the politicians are to far from reality everywhere. It does not matter if it is in Sweden with ”many parties system” to vote for, or in the US system with only two.



The politicians and the system are the biggest problem today, I would say. They are not enough creative to solve all the problems we have in todays sociaty. They have also ”the drive” to get the power as number 1. Because if they dont have that, they can not reach position to rule. It is how the system works. And that is totally crazy!

We must do it the opposite way. And the drive must be to find the best idea for each issue. No matter who will have it! And to start in the bottom of the pyramid, not in the top. If we do that will we also get incitament for problem-solving from the beginning. A very meaningsfull way, also for children, to see the process and understand why things happens. And why must everything go so fast? Learn from the native Indians and use consensus decitions in each step, instead. Big issues may take a while to solve and smaller will go faster. But, allways let the best idea win!!! Then people will be engaged and can not complain about things they could have thought about themselves. And working with a flat organization have many advantages.

Here on Gotland = ”Goodland”, (The Next Jerusalem) we have 92 parishes, that could be perfect to try this ”New System”. Every parish with a church and here we have a long tradition to solve things locally. And the people in the countryside dont like when the politicians decide over our heads.

Small scale farming and many small businesses are also more common here then on the mainland. Because people on islands are allways good at survive and have learned it the hard way. Today by earning extra money from tourists in many creative ways in the summertime. For example having Bed and Breakfast, selling art, handicraft, vegatables or hunted animals.

In the future hopegully without money in a sustainable sharing-system. Directdemocracy can be like this: 1. Shosen representative from the tribe to the local parish to solve the things there. 2. Shosen representatives from each parish to the whole Gotland. Maybe the number of representatives will differ concerning the size of the parish. But with more communication about things around us, people will understand better, I think. We already have ”civil rights proposals” in the system in Sweden. Now we must develop this much more to reach higher level of democracy to get better solutions in sociaty. I also think we could use mobile phones for voting for bigger issues on the whole Gotland. But now without political parties or prestige. And why have a country or a state, when we are all one?

Naturally nakedness is very important for the future development of Humans

Naturally nakedness is very important for the future development of Humans

If not the people are involved in the democratic process, it will be the same with curruption and power-problems again. I think it is A SYSTEM, and I am not alone. It has nothing to do with country either. Maybe there are bigger problems with more money involved, only. The US Corpuration and the curruption there is very obvious, and if we can end that company The New World Order will olso end. And that would be great for the rest of the world. Because we are all one!

I hope you like my ideas changing the world. Here you can help me as a Patreon. Welcome!

Lennart Bladh , together with source.

We need a modern Religion that focus on Science

Logotype for use in USA

Logotype for use in USA

In todays sociaty religion is not ”up to date”. Instead we have many old religious traditions that make life very diffucult for to live. People are affraid for what other people will think if they do what we all want to do. Make love and go for our passion in life. But our system have worked hard to get us here. The Illuminati/New Word Order/The Bilderbergs have systematically made this picture by media, the schoolsystem and science. Because they own and want to controle it all.

In an earlier article I have allready discussed why we must now focus on spirituality instead. And when we now know that God is in all of us, in every cell, and can controle some of us. The inviroment of theese 50 trillion cells is very important to look after. By how we eat, drink, train and also make love and have passion in life. Because it will make a very big difference! We can also use Alan Watts Zen/Daoistic-philosophy to get it all complete. He also know God is in us all.

screenshot_20160909-233842We need to focus on ZOSO = Zone On Science Overall and build a big application in phones together with a system (Holistic Profile). And open the third eye on as many people we can to find all Indigos with special abilities as early as possible.
Because they are as I am also connected by Mantis. I am not so special. Only the messinger! Their ideas and thoughts are not their own is my theory. But off course it must be evidence based together with an indipendent university in a longitudinal studie for 3-5 years here on Gotland, together with Campus Gotland. And let all students between 13 and 18, and all adults that wants to participate get the app for free.

If we do that I am totally convinced that we will reach both EDEN and sustainsble innovations that are needed to Save the World from polution.
imagesLove and passion must be the way to work both where we live and in schools. The old grading-paradigm with competition to get the best jobs and highest sallery must change. The teachers know how to develop kids if we only listen to them. But the next level will be without a schoolsystem, I think. Internet will off course be a very important part here. Where we can learn the best way to learn and develop. And we need to understand that it is in the small scale farming we will find the way to develop the countryside together with high speed internet and sustainable energy. Here I also want to investigate if not also tribe-living will be even better. To get as much Sense of Coherence we can.

received_141986052943160Money and power is teally NOT everything in life, and we need to look after that area so we not will get more of the satanistic ELITE in the future. Next step is to develop a sustainable system without money. They have done enough harm in the world now and many are real sick in their sexuality.. And I think it is a system that we will have over an over again. If we dont change to a matriarchal sociaty instead.

It's fun to play with pictures and ask some questions. What would have happened if I stood as she and shared the picture on Facebook? Would my picture stay on Facebook a week? How many "likes" would she get and would I get any at all? How and why is it like this? Serious, can it be that we have been systematically manipulated to the benefit of the pornindustry? An industry that now threat a whole generation young boys infertile. Instead we now need to develop this area together with cam-sex and science, I think. ( youtubefilm below) 

To make women more equal regarding sexuality would affect much in terms of control. Why get married and then what? Perhaps it would then lead people to organize themself stronger on their own in groups/tribes again? Not good with stronger independent groups now when internet provides opportunities ... That is how the The New World Order think.

It’s fun to play with pictures and ask some questions. What would have happened if I stood as she and shared the picture on Facebook? Would my picture stay on Facebook a week? How many ”likes” would she get and would I get any at all? How and why is it like this?
Serious, can it be that we have been systematically manipulated to the benefit of the porn industry?
And to make women more equal regarding sexuality would affect much in terms of control. Why get married and then what?
Perhaps it would then lead people to organize themself stronger on their own in groups/tribes again? Not good with stronger independent groups now when internet provides opportunities … That is how the The New World Order think.

Another alternative of a halfnaked picture that maybe will be some reactions on. But if we had a more equal sexuality now, could internet be a very good way to get to know people by cam. But with a lot of scary news about grooming or rape on mainstream media, is it not that easy. And films, books news, keep on giving the picture of women being hores if they sleep with a lot of gyes, or show they are horny. And many still scare girls for getting pregnant in schools/families, when I think young people today know much, how that system works. I also think we all know deep inside that, ”the attraction-system” for humans are the same. Otherwise we could not reach this far…You can also see what the ELITE do behind close doors. Like Hillery and her Lolita Express, for example. Why not understand that they are fooling us so deep …Live and have fun friends. Life is short and fuck the system!

Another alternative of a halfnaked picture that maybe will be some reactions on. But if we had a more equal sexuality now, could internet be a very good way to get to know people by cam. But with a lot of scary news about grooming or rape on mainstream media, is it not that easy. And films, books news, keep on giving the picture of women being hores if they sleep with a lot of gyes, or show they are horny. And many still scare girls for getting pregnant in schools/families, when I think young people today know much, how that system works.
I also think we all know deep inside that, ”the attraction-system” for humans are the same. Otherwise we could not reach this far…You can also see what the ELITE do behind close doors. Why not understand that they are fooling us so deep …Live and have fun friends. Protection is good and do not hurt anyone. Life is short and fuck the system!

(A film about how the porn make young boys infertile today)

I act on Youtube. Also on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn. And as Grodan Boll on Facebook, because Facebook is connected to The New Word Order. And the CIA etc. So it is no good to have name, photo and persenal number together. Who knows what the will do…

Lennart Bladh

Leave the corpuration Barack Obama

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Dear mr President,

I will write this mail as a blog-post, because then I can get all the important facts in it between the important message.

You have now a fantastic oppurtunity to make ”The Change” that you came to office to do. With a fantastic intention in the State of Indipendent and with a new started Republic.

This game of playing a worldleader together with others that have a hidden agenda, can not go on anymore. The Iluminati is not anything for the future. And the system that they have spread over the world, is really not something to be proud of.

We that worked with pedagogy in school knows that you can not get modern people with you by force today. And the drive must be strong now to work with all ideas people have from the beginning.
They who are in the top of the system have never had the most creative ideas.
That is also very clear.

It is with flat organisations the most competetive companies now works. Not in old hiararkies. That is not so new.

But now we need to systimize it better in the system, as I have written in earlier blog-posts. Zoso = Zone On Science Overall. Remember! By start company-tribe-living where people help each other instead of compete. Then we can build a new system from the ground with Direct Democracy.

So, leave Washington DC and join Republic for the United States and start a new EXODUS together with me, science a few other important Indigos and God

Yes you can!

The Piper

Holistic scientific resurch on Gotland

I want to do a big Holistic scientific resurch here on Gotland. Here is a video-blog why. Also in Swedish.

And for that we need to build a big Application for mobilephones in the shape of a pie chart! With seven key areas for the student/adult to be aware of. 1.School (other than subjects)/Work, Economy. 2.Wellbeing, 3. Food and fasting, 4.ANT (= Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco), 5.Leasure, 6.Physical ability and 7. Mental/Spiritual ability.

The application will get a good overview of the whole lifestyle, and also acts as a button to ”click” into the system. Then people will visually be aware of their own situation every time they look at it. = Increased awareness. The application will also be connected to a digithal library with a very professional ”helper” and the latest research in each area, which of course will be constantly updated. So the individual can work with any area they want through instructive YouTube videos. Not everyone wants to know everything, but about ourself we are all interested. Especially during the adolescence!

By the application the individual will both answer questions with ready answers, get instructions by films how to do the physical-tests, and also get the results shown in both an overview-picture and an individual diagram.

About the questions and ready answers is this a development that I have worked with in 10 years time now. And I can not really write exactly every detail. But it differ how many questions – answers there are concerning each of the 7 areas. It will be 15 questions about the school situation, for example. And for adults it will be many questions about the worksituation and about how the leaderchip is etc. And questions will also be combined to get a better picture to the physical tests. All physical activity is important to our health today. Other areas will also use several questions combined to get a better picture of the area. And BMI will also be measured.

Humans have 4 different physical functions that are pretty crucial for health. We dont need to be a ”superhero”, but we need some functions to use our bodies in life. And if we know how our own functions are, it will be much easier to do something about them, of course concerning to our own goals in life. 1. Strenght, 2. Mobility, 3. Fitness or ocygen uptake, and 4. Coordination (Balance)

Strength-, fitness- and balance-results determined by statistics from the database and reported in accordance to the ”normal distribution curve” where 1 and 5 are 4 % of the results, 2 and 4 are 27% and 3 are 68 % of the results. Mobility is only presented 1.= To flexibel, 2. Good and 3. Need to train.

1.Strength. Here I have done 4 different easy standardized tests
which everyone can do at home or together with a friend. 2 are static and 2 are dynamic with a 40 Bpm metronome tempo.

Here are the strength-tests by video view. And some talking too.
a) Legs-static against the wall.
b) Chest/triceps-dynamic.
Back- static.
d) Stomach-dynamic

2.Mobility. Here I use ca 20 different mobility-tests from the neck down to the akilles. It will be the same system here. If the person want to increase their mobility they can connect with the digithal library. But awareness of where a better mobility will also help. Because then the person can train only that part, and dont’t need to work with all muscles. To be to flexibel is not that good either. Then streinght-training will be offered in ”the system”.

3.Fitness. Here I want to collaborate with Polar to build a small app with 1 Mile Walk-test. That is the best submaximal test in the world. Polar has allready nice pulsbands with sensors. But we need a more scientific test then measuring by hand, I think. Then it will be more exact which oxygen uptake everyone have. Here you also can see 1-5 levels. And if anyone wants to do anything about their situation, they can connect an expert in the condition-field by the digithal library.

Coordination is hard to measure but..

4.Balance is pretty easy to measure and are a very important function for humans and the test will be done by standing on one leg with eyes closed. Also used in order to measure how good the balance are between 1-5. And use the statistics from 1 – a few seconds to 5 – probably many minutes.

And why not even make a menthal/spiritual diagram? In addition to the physical. Where there are questions and ready answers that allows for statistics also in this exciting menthal/spiritual area. The menthal problems are pretty big around the world, and then it will be possible to examine what affects what through results by a large database. But of course only reported in group-results to more than 20 people. Class, department, municipality, etc. Because if anyone will be identified through the statistics it will not be so fun. And we also need to follow the law of saving individual data.

We do not know everything yet, but we would know much more than what we know today. Without evidence, it is also no idea. None other than ”believers” would like to buy ”the system”, without doing it evidence based by an independent university that measure the statistics before – after. The scientific reasurch needs to last for 3-5 years, I think. And why not do it here on Gotland? A perfect size of a Holistic investigation on an island with 57 000 people with the right demographic, and not many moves from the island eigher.

Other statistics in society can of course also be measured. Statistics from the police, social services, health care, etc, etc. With good results, there is then a huge market for development of our future!

The perfect person that can help people with the menthal/spiritual difficulties is Teal Swan. She has not done anything but put words into this area for a very long time now. And has written a few books about the subject. ”Shadow Before Down”, ”Completion PROCESS” and ”The Sculpture in the Sky”.

This part of the Profile will be about our feelings and unprocessed traumas, but also the great epidemic for them who have not learned to use their feelings at all.

One example of a question: How often do you feel anxiaty?

And the ready answer will be. 1. (red) Very often, 2.(red) Often, 3 (orange) Now and then, 4. (orange) Seldom 5. (green) Never

Off course we will need many more questions about emotiones…

And Teal has lots of YouTube-videos that can help people with various ”problems” on her YouTube-channel. Just to sort all theese on a platform would be great. But to be able to connect them to each person’s individual ”problem”, through a personal APP would be really, really good. We do not have quite as much interest for all the problems in the world …But our own is very important to know about.

After all tests and questions – answers, everything will be on a overview-site with the 7 different areas, so the person better can see their ”results”.
By both numbers and colors. And then maybe also make a plan to go on.

Regardless of which school-system there are and neither teachers or coaches need to be used. This tool can be used of any individual between 13 to 100+ to get awareness and raise consciousness of oneself. No competition here at all and only used by free will. And I would like to investigate if school is the best thing for development as well. Because I dont think so! I believe we can do it better in the tribe-living and with play together with the best way to learn. But..That will be interesting to investigate.

To do this in a small scale, without resources make no sense. It’s only in a larger scale together with others who wants change, it will be possible. And I think the best will be to do it together with our Queen Silvis Child Foundation Which could lead to the ”SHIFT”the spiritual world so long has been waiting for. The future is of course not only in the left hemisphere, but throughout the whole brain! And we need to take advantage of human abilities systematically, when today’s technology offers many great possibilities. To help as many people as possible, but with a special focus on Indigos, so Mantis can controle them by passion to make important development and sustainability for the future.

/Lennart Bladh

Why I am The Next One

Sailing is just like <a href=Alan Watts Daoistic/Zen philosophy. You never know what will happen. To live in ”the now” and allways be aware.”

I have found a link between me, the history and the future that is pretty amazing. My mother was borne in Boden in the north of Sweden, and have allways been very darked skin during summertime. I have allways wondered if it was the mailman or…And my mum allways have had problems with her mother in their relationchip. She was even sent away to her grandparents a few years, when it was hard getting food to all the kids in the family. She was the oldiest of 3 children.
img-20160912-wa0000My mysterous friend in Turkey, Serdar Sahin then connected my mother with a famous black US sing and songwriter, Scott Joplin. And I have no idea from where that came. So…maybe some of Scott Joplins relatives..did some social activities with my grandmother in Boden.
And in Sweden during this time, it was not to think about having sex with a black man before marridge..No, no. So this had to be a secret. So crazy…But very important in this project, and why we now need to change this ”values”.

I have allways liked music and expecially dancing. But men dont dance in Sweden, you know. So I had to develop other skills.
If you then draw a line by Google earth from Boden to Memphis Tennesee, where Republic for the United States started. You will find the place Barnhouse Settlement, where the human development was pretty far developed, and where they probably lived in the same way as we did here on Gotland at the same time. And there are still a few loose ends here, like in my project. He,he. I also think there is a connection between Barnhouse Settlement and a settlement I have found on Vivesholm north of Klintehamn. I have got signs about that…

Here you also read more from another bigger place in the area called Skara Brae,
A local phallos symbol at Klinteberget, Klintehamn. And I can not find any information about this stone. Hmmm. But I think sexuality was more equal here on Gotland 5000 years ago. And we need to work with that part and investigate how to develop it. Zoso = Zone On Science Overall. Creativity are also connected here. I will ask Göran Burenhult about this..

Göran Burenhult has done very interesting archeological reasurch that shows that we had a much better lifestyle here on Gotland 5000 years ago, then on the mainland. And that men lived longer then women because of a more physical active lifestyle then. Very interesting comparing how it is today, I think. And I also believe people both in Scotland and on Gotland had another kind of sexlife, then we have today…Dont you?


The signs from the Universe can not be any clearer. I have been working with developing this tool now in almost 10 years time.

After I saw the film the Davinci-code on TV agian I asked source as ”Wonder” on WhatsApp, IF I am in his blod-line. And I got the answer that I am that. When I read about Maria Magdalaine I do understand the big problems the religious men have had with women sexuality during history. And that is of course something we now must change and that is very important to make human kind evolve in this modern time.

We now need to use all our forces and all that we know about what is best for human beings, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and economically. Investigate if not Tribe-living can be the new sustainable lifestyle. And use the most modern equipment we have as well as a tool.

Build a big useble application for mobile phones together with the best companies in the market. To use them in a system where people get aware of themself in 7 different areas in their life and connect the app to experts in each fields, if people wants help with how. And also connect the applications to a database where the persons not can be identified, in a large scientific investigation here on Gotland for free.
To see how much we can evolve if we use passion and free will as a drive for change, and expecially let the Indigos find their mission in life, and to open their third eye as I have done to connect with Mantis. So they can get help to innovate all important innovations and build sustainability for the future here on Earth.

That is why I am The Next One and I think I will lead this next era together with Mantis from Atlantis and a few other Very Important People and Republic for The United States, off course.

Here are some thoughts about being The Next One, as well

/The Piper

Why not build sustainable Tribes?

Karg natur

We have now left the industrial time where we needed to work together in the cities. Because of all the things that we thought we needed by consuming stuff.
This is not sustainable anymore and we now need to find a new way, I would say.

When we now can use internet to connect with the world today, we also need to connect better in real life. To get a better social balance. If we help each other in Tribe-livings, life could be great in the countryside again.

Ordernary companies are not always so interested in the people that works for them. More to get money into the companies. But if Tribes share the things they dont need, it will be something else.

We could use our skills and passion to decide who would be the best person for the work that is needed. Growing food in small scale farming will be the most important thing, off course. And to solve the problem how grow and to heat green houses during wintertime in Sweden. And then it is good that we have local thoughts in the frontline about this energy issue. Who knows what will happen in the future? Because many innovations can solve things if we leave old thoughts. And if we start the sharing-culture hopefully others will follow. Alone will it be a change! And I would also like to have a few rooms for touists and a Health-training and spa for both adults, children and animals.

All work that is reqired in the tribe must be equal important for the members. Then it will be less hiararkies. And if you also work with consensus-decitions, this will be even stronger. If the best idea allways win, no matter who has got it we will be Direct Democracy. And why can not the same ”system” for the bigger ”socken” and the whole Gotland, as well? So the best idea allways will win and representatives can be sent from each tribe or socken when something big needs to be done. And use mobile phones when to vote in important issues. Then we dont need any politicians and no countries either. And no citizen can complain about decitions that been made.

The giant problems with women-rape in the world today will also be harder to do, when other adults can recognize it early in the tribe. Today many strange things happens between closed doors. And to live in relationchips more open in front of each other will off course get better social controle. And that will probably help.

Separations between married couples will probably also be easier for the children. Because they can stay in the tribe, even if someone of the adult parts choose to move. Maybe other adults can be helpful in the heeling-process as well. And who children decide to like best has nothing to do with blood.

To communicate is not allways easy when two married people separates, but maybe other forms then marridge also will develop when life change in this way.

I hope I can find a nice farm here on Gotland where I would like to try this new Tribe-living. And maybe you like the idea and wants to sponsor it? Or the Holistic application with the digithal library? Then you can send money directly to my Bank-account here below.

Name: Lennart Bladh
Address:Odvaldsvägen 99,
Post code:62377
Mobile phone: +46709687056
SKYPE Name: lennart.bladh4
IBAN: SE73 6000 0000 0002 5537 5492. BIC: HANDSESS

You can also use SWISH: Phone number 0709687056

My intention is also to measure IF this lifestyle is a better one by my app Holistic profile. Which will be built both for children over 13 and adults. And that is one of my company-ideas to the project. With the same questions and ready answers it will be possible to investigate a lot. You can read more about that in my blog-post ”Holistic Scientific Resurch on Gotland”.

Humans have lived in tribes must of our 200 000 years on earth, I would say. And social science about Sence of Coherence also give this way of living support. Maybe because people help each other instead of competing, and many different skills will off course be needed. If the company also will be the big economomic risktaker, I also think this system may ”loose some pressure” from peoples shoulder. And that may also help creativity to flourish even more. And we need leave the crazy banksystem we now have and build a new one. Maybe thr crypto-currency One-Coin can be the solution. Who knows? I only know this system can not go on…

Hopefully, later on this ”New Living System” even can help other people to get stronger also. And it would be very nice if I could export all my Holistic thoughts to the lawful ”Republic from the United States”


You can also follow me on Youtube, Google, LinkedIn or Instagram as Lennart Bladh, but not on Facebook. That is because The New World Order is connected with Facebook, and they are affraid of this New System.

God Bless /The Piper

Back to Eden

Eden 2Through the ages, man has progressed furthest in those civilizations which sexuality was strong. Off course there has been not only sexuality, it also requires an inner work to reach this higher levels. Both for the individual and for society. Maybe we also need different words for love as in anciant Greece. You must always take the best part from each time, I think. And anciant Alchemi is basic spiritual science.
When we feel bad and are not in balance with ourselves will not our sex performance reach any deeper levels. We now know that sex is a source of creativity through neuroscience. Because there are an increased availability of neurons during sex, as identified by the dopamine flows over the whole brain as in physical activity. Especially women have much to gain from having sex and orgasms and hypnosis can be a way to reach new levels… That 15% of today’s women can not achieve orgasm must be seen as a big failure in our modern world..But you can train it !!! If you work in a holistic way. Or maybe try using a more developed form of bodyorgasm thru Energy-sex. Why not? Here are also some tips how to stimulate the G-spot and some information about anal-sex. laser neuron
With increased availability of neurons occurs a greater creativity, and we can solve problems and find new solutions in our everyday lives in an easier way. Not so strange. However, sex is not something we do talk about in school and in the media, other than purely informational, or when negative events occur. Why is that, I wonder? It would be much better if we could develop sexuality by learning from cultures that managed to bridge the time between childhood and adulthood in a healthy way. And try to create something sustainable even in the western world. Now when we know there are 7 different kind of LOVE. Off course we now must develop them all for both men and women. We can not go on like this anymore. Matematics have known it for a long time.

The question is, if we can recognize that we need to expand the concept into development and learn from past high developed cultures, but do it in a modern way at the same time? Our teenager do not get any major guidance today, in addition to pornography. Religion has made sex much taboo, which increased this problem. And I also think Power in general by men are a big big problem concerning sexuality. The more power the more kinky and sick this area seem to be. So it is another reason for change the system to a more equal one.

But today we can not blame religion for this in our country. Sexuality is the way to creativity, but can also be the way to destruction. When the ego is big and all circuits around material things, instead of the important things. It’s very clear to me what developed the small communities and individuals best, when I see movies from traditional societies. Where the tribe is most important, and they don’t see their material things in same way as we do in the Western world. I think we need to use modern technology to become more aware through our senses, as I wrote earlier. Where cam-sex should be done to something that is free for youth and paid for by our tax money. This is so Important!!!
_MG_5402 I realize that I am chosen to lead this work, because I do not have any major problems either with my nudity or developing myself. Only by daring to see yourself who you really are can provide this inlightment, but it has taken me a time of solitude with God to understand how it all fits together. But everyone can do what I have done. Because it is universal. But all may not get as clear signals that I have received through the computer and phone, and even heard an electronic voice saying in English that I would get help from others … Otherwise, I had not realized or dared maybe … But no one in my family believed in me, so I had to continue on my own. It is interesting that there are others that writes about this interesting topic.Fuze_852c9b76.app


We need to hurry now to kick-start our creativity and love for each other. From this, many good things can be created that are crucial for the continued sustainability. Off course, the pleasure of being human is also meaningful. But now that we have access to modern technology and can make individuals aware both physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, it will of course be possible to come back to Eden. A place that is obviously spiritual individual for all of us and not a real physical location. But with more and more sustainable products as our ”Indigos” create, maybe we will get a clean planet in the future, similar to the image of EDEN. And maybe we have been there before. Who knows?

We need to live in another way for the best interest of our children

We have the best welfare in the world here in Scandinavia,, in terms of what we get out of the welfare per person. And we pay a lot in taxes in this system. There are not many who think it is strange when we believe that ”the system” is good. Pre-schools, schools and health care, etc. The system gives everyone equal chances, yes, and it is great considering that anyone can have the ”best idea”. In many other countries there are only people with money that get the chances. But that is not sustainable! We’re pretty good at innovations here in Sweden, second in the world according to Blomberg. Here, a beautiful example of tomorrow’s way of shopping. Of course with an application in your phone. What else? However, we are not nearly as good at creating strong companies and probably the most politicians controlled country in the world. Here, there are many rules, laws and politicians to liquidate in order to give companies more opportunities to succeed. It`s the citizens who wants to determine their own lives. Right!
Is the wellfare-system so good, really? The school system has indeed it shortcomings, as I have previously written about, with assessment of individuals rather than to try to develop them. And health-care seem to be used to get us sick as early as possible, so the pharmaceutical industry will make as much money as possible. However, health-care is very good in terms of emergency surgery, and it`s perhaps just that it mainly will be for ..
What about child-care, then? What do we know regarding how children feel of being in pre-school from 1 years of age-in many hours, in groups with other young children which just seems to get bigger and bigger. We know that psychosomatic problems increases in school, but we do not know what cause it really..There are still no number of children/unit and area in the law for children in pre-school, what I know. Absolutely incredible, when there is for animals. But of course this would cost a lot of money for municipalities when children are born differently depending on economic conditions and other things. But what is most important for the future? Teal Swan has some interesting things to say about how our children see the world.
Earlier in our history, we have taken care of the children in groups of adults and helped each other. Some have taken care of children and some have taking care of other work. Why would not this ‘system’ be able to operate even today? Who is doing what should be decided of personal skill and characteristics. Right! If we now start to be more aware and open-minded. To live together in paired relationships when love no longer exists, does not seem so sustainable. And there are often children will feel guilty when relations defrosts. Today, we are married in average of 25 years in Sweden. The question is, too. How good are these relationships for the kids really? If there were more adults who lived together it would not likely be the same. It is not only me who think that pair-relationship can be negative. Carolina (19 minutes into the program) ”My Sweden” have experienced that if she lives two and two, there are often two extremes in the relationship. Then you often take on an unconscious role. It will not be the same when she lives together with three. Interesting, I think. Why marry then? Is it really a modern institution 2016? I don’t think so...And that you can live together so long in Överkalix is perhaps not so surprising when the men usually work far away Monday to Friday there…
We are also becoming lonelier in the West’s big cities with our lifestyle. And why can not the countryside be a great future now when Internet is developed and where there are lots of space to live on. Now that Net-Work Marketing and other opportunities to earn money from online. Lifestyle is for me really how to live well! We have a system where we try to share the parental days in Sweden, and more about how this works can you read about here. Politicians are again trying to control so that more fathers should charge more days. Now it’s two mandatory daddy months here and of course it all starts with the kids! In the big cities Stockholm and Malmö more fathers use these ”fathers days”. But overall, increases the fathers outtake slowly. But I do not believe in controlling in this way. Who will be better of that? Without it, of course, through insight of the importance to be a present father, the so-important first time in life that will make a difference. Not to improve pre-school education! Personally, I have been at home for about 10 months with each of my 3 guys. (But after breast-feeding) It is a little difficult to make that part. But otherwise, well, we men, can do the most with children. We were both teachers with virtually the same salary as well. Which of course was crucial! Fathers need to do more earlier in children`s life, especially for boys, to prevent things go wrong later in life, I think. We’re also parents! See how it looks in our prisons. There we have all the boys with broken father relationships …
Finland and some other countries start to do experiment with basic income and I can see that as a first step. Where we don`t need this system of parental days. And will do that families themselves can decide over. This system can even be a better solution when people need to create new jobs, or want to develop, or do other things then to serve ”the system”. So again. Why not live in larger groups of adults with children of different ages? To help each other as we once did, and that we probably done the most of our time on the planet. Because we are 200 000 years old. Who knows, maybe we also are created for it! The next step will be to build total sustainability without money. And I think it can also be done if we begin in the tribe. Sharing is the way.

Humans have a desire to be free and a strong drive to develop, if we only are given the opportunity. And I think just like Göran Burenhult that we now need to learn more from earlier cultures, both in terms of food and how we take care of our children. It was interesting that we lived in a strongly matriarchal culture here on Gotland 5,000 years ago with great health, that did not exist in other places in Sweden at the same time. With a few small changes in the system, and the lifestyle, there are a lot of opportunities in the future here, I think. And the strength in the regional parts is allready very strong here. But we still need to continue train to take life as it is., and we need to live in self-catering to do as little ecological footprints as possible to get a sustainable Happy Planet Index.

It`s time for an EVENT

Event 1

Where we talk about various forms of ADDICTION together with the new digital technology and learn about humans functions as well. Scientists, business, media, and politicians need to unite around one of today’s most important issue for the future, I think. What is what? Off course gaming is not dangerous for everyone and off course there are neat solutions that more needs to know about. And it`s precisely solutions we need to focus on. Prohibition and other retrograde never works in this area either. But awareness of how the brain and body work is needed.

Why not rate the different games current to level of dependency? That is one thing I can think about now. And it would make a different to some people. Because this is also about dopamine and perhaps other substances in the brain that leads to a nice feeling, that you want to achieve again. But all does not end up in an addiction either, and of course we are different, even on the inside. And this would be interesting to know more about …

I found a great site that highlighted a lot of the playing area. With both a radioprogram and showing different angles and possibilities in text. But I believe, we need a major international gathering around the network’s dangers and opportunities. Because it`s in this future we will find ourselves.
I often don`t find a holistic approach in discussing this matters. For example, how our body’s metabolism works. Sitting still for more than 6 hours is certainly not good. We already know that! But then you have to have standing table or vary sit and stand. Or sit on your knees might help. How to spread the knowledge then? Personally, I believe we need an individual tool for this. As based on the individual situation and awareness of this. Writing articles on DN.DEBATT will not solve this! Nor reports. Or the National Board recommendations and government guidelines. But it’s always companies that will find smart solutions. Right! It has always been like that and there will continue to be even around this area.

Internet porn is also a problem area especially to young boys, which I raised in my earlier post about sexuality. But I think that there are solutions with modern technology here. By the somewhat controversial idea with cam-sex. Where instead use interaction behind a screen. Could this be investigated? Or is there already someone who knows about this and can talk about it at an event? And what is the alternative?

I think it comes to see the problems, find solutions, but at the same time realize that we humans can not be controlled. We have a body that works in the same way regardless of interest or orientation. You just have to understand this creation and live with it. Not against it. Then we will not have the future problems and can concentrate on the wonderful experiences instead!

Sex är också Hälsa, men behöver göras mer jämlik

Vågad bild på gymmet

Som inledning vill jag bara skriva att jag fokuserar på majoriteten av befolkningen gällande sexualitet här. Och tycker debatten i Sverige oftast handlar om minoriteterna, där politiker mest samlar röstpoäng i diverse olika sammanhang. Kanske det finns lite att jobba med vad gäller majoriteten, som sagt..Det är enligt modern forskning endast ca 3,5 % av befolkningen som INTE är heterosexuell. Men man kan tro att andelen är över 20%, om man följer debatten. Sen har vi ca 1% som är asexuella, om man får tro Wikipedia. Inte heller denna grupp tänker jag ta upp här. Utan de 95,5% övriga!!!

Jag är helt övertygad om att attraktion mellan man och kvinna för tusentals år sedan var jämlik på ett helt annat sätt än vad den är idag. Vi är ju som sagt 200 000 år till konstruktionen och naturligtvis skedde denna attraktion naken! Kristina Durante beskriver en del intressant. TEDxTALK här. Sedan har kultur, religion och uppfostran påverkat vår syn på detta område mycket. Vad bygger jag mitt antagande gällande mer jämlik attraktion tidigare på då? Jo, på arkeologen Göran Burenhults nu över 30 åriga tvärvetenskapliga forskning om naturfolk i världen. Läs gärna hans senaste bok ”Den sexuella evolutionen”. Mycket spännande läsning!
Trobriand-Island-Sex-big Evolutionsbiologin är verkligen en spännande vetenskapsgren som våra politiker borde använda mer som stöd gällande förändringar i vår tid.
Hur ser våra sexliv ut idag då och vad har hänt över tid? Ja, det finns inte så mycket att hitta om detta i Sverige. Men här är ett TEDxTALKs som visar utvecklingen i Storbritannien. Det är sannolikt inte så stor skillnad vad gäller den ”utvecklingen” i hela västvärlden, skulle jag tro. När hälsan försämras försämras sexlivet. Ju längre relationer, ju sämre sexliv och tiden att hinna med varandra irl minskar för varje år. Men tänk om det finns möjligheter att hitta andra vägar för ett utvecklat sexliv via nätet? Som gör det möjligt att ha bra sex på en individuell basis..Via cyber-sex..Utan risk för könssjukdomar och annat oönskat.

Vägen till en mer jämlik sexualitet behöver naturligtvis vi män också stå för. Att det nästan bara är män som betalar för sex betyder INTE att det endast är män som behöver göra det, anser jag. Men det ligger en oerhörd stor börda på kvinnan idag att vara duktig och rätt i sin sexualitet. Den ”fula” flickan vill ju ingen vara. Men vad är det då? Och tycker själv inte jag är den fula mannen, bara för att jag visar mig som jag är skapt. Jag tycker heller inte det borde anses vara någon skillnad på synen idag mellan hur många partners vi har. Då vi är väl så medvetna, både män och kvinnor, att det kan bli ett barn, om vi inte skyddar oss. Däremot finns det mycket möjligheter med den digitala tekniken för att fantisera och kanske onanera tillsammans. Det är här jag ser potential. Om vi ser sex som hälsa och inte pornografi!!!

Jag vill starta en hälsosam sex-cam-site, där det INTE handlar om traumatiserade ”aktörer”. Utan tvärt om! De som njuter av sex och som tycker om att visa upp sig och hjälpa andra för att de mår bra och gillar det. Där också hälsoprodukter är involverade för att ytterligare betona Hälsan. Antingen via Net Work Marketing eller via försäljning direkt via hemsidan. Dessa modiga pionjärer kommer givetvis få många följare på sociala medier också. Karriären som ”cam-aktör” är inte så lång idag nämligen, men med ett starkt varumärke kan annat göras också, tänker jag. Idag förbjuder många företag cam-girls/boys att vara ute på nätet och de tvingas jobba långa pass med mycket låg förtjänst. Inte helt bra! Men det går att förändra detta och det är det jag vill göra.

Jag samlar nu på kvinnor som ser ut som modeller på min Facebook-sida och tänker gå ut med en öppen förfrågan där, när den digitala sidan är färdig. Interaktion med synen, hörseln och fantasin är också betydligt bättre än att se ”skådespelare”, kan jag tycka. Och detta är verkligheten för unga pojkar idag!!! Det är sannolikt bättre att använda sina sinnen cam-to-cam. Men varför inte undersöka även detta? Vår framtid är viktig! Och naturligtvis är det genom forskning vi når längst. Det finns en hel del problem inom sexområdet också som skulle kunna samlas och spridas lösningar för, på en digital sida som betalas genom hållbara företagsannonser. Om den görs tillräckligt intressant och bra.

Det finns också ett annat märkligt fenomen som skett över tid. Vad det beror på vet jag inte riktigt. Men sannolikt har det att göra med homofobi eller makt och kontroll. Män vill ju ofta ha det i andra sammanhang och att en annan man hotar på något sätt genom ett normbrytande sexuellt beteende. Jag vet faktiskt inte riktigt, utan spekulerar bara…Men det är oerhört känsligt att en man idag dansar och rör sig sexuellt med bar överkropp. Källan jag använder till detta påstående är min egen lilla höft/magdans på Sudergym i Hemse. Det var ”någon” som ringde upp gymmet och oroade sig för denna film. Och styrelsen tog upp det hela och var överens om att detta var emot vad som är tillåtet. Visst, i deras regler står det att man inte får träna i bar överkropp på gymmet. Men är detta att träna på gym? Jag ville ju bara provocera lite. Jag erbjöd mig ta bort filmen för att få fortsätta att träna där, men det var inte möjligt, då skadan redan var skedd, sa ordförande i telefonen. Vilken skada, undrar jag? Och på vilket sätt är detta så farligt? Det ligger något som är toppen på ett isberg under detta, tror jag. Skulle inte män kunna vara sexuella, utan det är bara kvinnor som är det för att behaga mannen? Urlöjligt! Men varför väcker detta så starka känslor så att jag blir avstängd? Jag har nu sänt denna film till DO (=Diskrimineringsombudsmannen) för att testa detta. Vad hade hänt om det varit en kvinna som dansade magdans i sin ensamhet, är ju en enkel fråga att ställa. Och tycker det är ett solklart fall! Under tiden som fallet tas upp i DO får jag väl försöka träna med den egna kroppen som belastning.

I stort sett alla kvinnor som tränar och är nöjda med sin kropp lägger upp träningsbilder ifrån gymmet idag och får en massa positiva kommentarer ifrån män (oftast). Medan det är oerhört sparsmakat med positiva kommentarer ifrån kvinnor, då män lägger upp liknande bilder på sig själva. Hur kommer det sig och varför har det blivit så här? Om vi ska närma oss varandra på lika villkor behöver vi givetvis göra det i båda riktningarna. För inte kommer män att sluta intressera sig för vackra halvnakna kvinnor inte. Det är jag då helt säker på! Men i stället fokuserar idag svenska kvinnliga politiker på att skjuta in sig på de män som våldtar i krig etc. Som givetvis har att göra med att män i krig inte mår bra och är rädda för döden, varför de naturligtvis vill säkra sin avkomma (omedvetet). Det vore betydligt bättre om vi fokuserade på att ”hela” såväl män som kvinnor, för då får vi nämligen inga krig.

Det ligger också mycket mer hämningar bakom manlig homosexualitet/bisexualitet än vad det gör för kvinnor. De kvinnor som är öppna har ofta sex med båda könen utan några problem, eller har testat det och valt därefter. Men för män är detta område oerhört tabubelagt idag. Hur och varför har det blivit så här? Och varför är män inte lika intresserade av att utvecklas som kvinnor? Den manliga normen att se upp till idag verkar vara en homofobisk, känslokall, rik, vänster-hjärn-styrd man som bestämmer. Inte riktigt något jag ställer mig bakom.
Sen är det inte många som kliver fram idag och står för vad de tycker och tänker om detta ”heta” sex-område inte. Utan man lever ofta dubbelliv, där man håller upp en fin politiskt korrekt fasad utåt, men sen lever man ut annat i ett alias-namn på nätet. Och där händer det grejer! Eller åker på sexresor till Thailand på semestern och har inga gränser alls för sitt sexuella beteende. Varför har det blivit så här? Kan vi inte förstå att kåthet är helt naturligt för människan och att det inte är något att skämmas för? Bejaka den i stället! Men jag kan lugna alla oroliga föräldrar att jag nu har slutat min korta karriär som offentlig cam-boy på CAM4. Efter att det blev total hysteri på sociala medier och telefonen har gått varm här med unga anonyma tjejer som velat att jag ska ”live-streama”. Klart det är spännande att få sitta anonym och titta! Och jag ville bara visa vilka krafter det ligger i denna ÖPPENHET kring sex om det är någon som vågar visa det. Och jag fick betalt, även om det inte var mycket. Hi, hi. Men det var inte så upphetsande för mig att stå och vifta med snoppen för okända och har lite svårt att förstå de som gillar det. Men vi är alla olika och tur är väl det!

Det jag visade var att det finns ett stort intresse för öppen sex i olika åldrar. Hemska tanke! Men ingen kan ju bestämma när intresset för sex kommer och här borde lagstiftning nu ändras vad gäller cam-sex, kan jag tycka. Eftersom det inte handlar om någon kontakt alls! Varför då denna 18-årsgräns på dessa cam-sites? Detta är ju inget farligt. Och varför en åldersgräns för när man får ha sex, undrar jag också. Det är ju ändå så olika när våra kroppar utvecklas och är ”färdiga” för detta. Norsk sexualupplysning verkar också vara inne på min ”öppna” linje. Programserien har nått stor internationell uppmärksamhet och är nu t.o.m textad på engelska och finns på youtube i sin helhet. Jättebra tycker jag! Men säkert finns det de som fortfarande tycker att vi ska hålla sanningen om hur vi fungerar hemlig. Och att barn inte ska uppmuntras till detta. Men det är ju just genom ökad medvetenhet som vi lär oss. Inget annat! Naturligtvis börjar ”resan” sex med sig själv. Var skulle den annars börja? Det kan ingen annan styra över! Och de som är intresserade av området kommer hitta porr på nätet i alla fall idag. Men är det bättre? Och vad händer med alla som har skamkänslor för sin egen sexualitet och förtränger den över tid? Det skulle vara MYCKET intressant att undersöka. Sannolikt är det fler av dessa som får ett mer sexuellt avvikande beteende som vuxna, eller mår sämre i stort.. Det finns en mening med att dessa ”processer” finns i vår kropp. Det är jag då helt säker på!!!

Sexualitet har alltså inget med ålder att göra. Mer om individuell mognad, personlighet och hälsa, men processen behöver börja med en naturlig nakenhet i hemmet, anser jag. Där barn får se sina föräldrar som de är skapta. Hur ska de annars veta? Och naturligtvis behövs en ovillkorlig kärlek också. Tyvärr har många vuxna idag tappat kontakten med sin kropp, så till den milda grad att de knappt vet att de har en. Och visar aldrig något för sina barn heller. Utan vill helst skyla sig så mycket som möjligt. Lite tragiskt faktist! Och skillnaden mellan idealen och verkligheten bara ökar. På 70-talet, då jag växte upp i Sverige var det en helt annan liberal inställning till nakenhet i stort och mina föräldrar var naturligt nakna ganska ofta hemma. Nakenbad på somrarna var också mycket vanligt och nästan alla tjejer badade top-less en tid. Dessutom fanns inte mycket till övervikt bland vuxna eller barn och skillnaderna mellan idealen och verkligheten var betydligt mindre än idag. Att jag sedan simtränade under hela puberteten gjorde säkert inte mitt självförtroende kring den egna kroppen sämre heller. Vi badade gemensam bastu på vintrarna med tjejerna och på lägren på somrarna simmade de top-less för att slippa ljusa partier på ryggen. Ja, det var andra tider det. Men allting påverkar!
Det är klart att vi behöver utveckla formerna för hur våra relationer är utformade också. Äktenskapet är en kvarleva ifrån en annan tid, då mannen var den som försörjde hushållet och kvinnan behövde det juridiska skyddet. Idag är det något helt annat vi behöver. Då man och kvinna blir två jämnstarka parter. Goda kärleksfulla relationer på olika sätt, med bra sex och där barnen står i centrum, förespråkar jag. Men inser att denna utveckling kommer ta tid och kanske inte går att förändra under min livstid men Barbara Lee verkar också vara inne på samma spår som jag. Att förändra våra ”system” är inte lätt inte. Men det är ju dessa som så ofta är våra största problem här på planeten. Inte individerna!

Kan vi gör dessa förändringar som jag beskrivit i slutet av min blogg så kommer vi få ett skifte. För allt i denna berömda rocksång är min resa som social entreprenör. Som började med en stängd affär på SVT:s Draknästet, eftersom TV-tittarna aldrig fick se det inspelade avsnittet och kommer sluta med att Teal Swan (The songbird) och jag (The Piper) övertygar ”The Lady we all know” (Michelle Obama) att köpa ”Helhetsprofil för elever” = ”Stegen till himlen” för att se till att våra framtida Indigo-barn når sin fulla potential i skolan, så att de framtida innovationerna blir till hållbara produkter och företag.

Och det kommer eka av skratt i skogarna igen…