WE NEED A NEW SYSTEM! To develop as many people we can so we can live sustainable, and find new ways for Humanity before it’s to late…

Logotype for use in USA

Logotype for use in USA

Dear Sophia!

I write to you because I now know you have followed me in my life. And I only follow the signs I get in this giant project now. We really need to take controle of our bodies, minds and souls. Nothing else to do. But I really think we were much better as a spiecies to do this long time ago. And in the blue text before you will have some proofe of that. I know you are real in this virtual reality and must have your heart in the right place to make a better future, as I have. And I hope you will help me start something New and better. I reacted very strongly after the ”Kalla fakta reportage”. Where a professional hacker wanted to give the National polis investigaters his new system for free, to track pedophiles better. But the police did not want it! And this is how our world works today. The New World Order, Iluminati, The Kazarian Mafia, The Bilderbergs are everywhere controlling things. And develop methods tracking Pedophiles do they really NOT want! You will understand more how all is connected when you read more in my blog. I also understand that you must have seen much during the centures. And must feel very bad when you see all the things that happened during times

I started to write this blogpost on Christmas eve, have done some shanges in it, but I will do it as a letter to you. This is the 31:st blog-post here. Maybe it is because there are 31 days in December. Hmm. But I think everything will start in 2017. Because 7 is a very important number to you as the creator. And 2016 is only an end of a new beginning. A year where hopefully openess and transparency will be a the way to work in all areas.

I will not finish doing Youtubefilms by myself. Because it is very fun and get me a lot of entertainment. It has been an interesting jearney writing this blog and it all started 2012 whith a real journalist, Christina Linnea Ortendahl, (with 2 dots over O) writing the first one in Swedish, En Nyckel till en bättre skola = ”A key to a better school”. The article was about the only measurable Holistic Web-Based Call Method in the world that was used systematically in schools, and measures physical, mental and social factors. The FMS-Method! (Physical spells with an F in Swedish.) I still can show evidence of that from a database in Sri Lanka. Maybe it can not be seen to others, though. But I still have it in my phone. The coaching-method has also the largest database in the world concerning standardized physical tests for students.

That article was written after I had been to the Swedish ”Dragons’Den” together with Acki Westlund in Swedish publik service SVT, without my pitch was shown to the Tv-viewers. And I was quit angry about it. Because I had done a very good preformance and my goal was to make a breakthrue for FMS.se. But nothing was sent. I really did not understand why, when this pedagogy was so good to make pupils aware about their different abilities in life. And if more people got the information about the FMS-method, more teachers could choose that way to work in Swedish schools. But now I really do understand who was behind everything. The New World Order! SVT is own by an indipendent foundation, and I am totally sure it is the same ”indipendent” foundation that owns all mainstream TV in the world. But for sure not easy to find out. Then The New World Order can manupulate the truth and frighten people as much as possible to reach their hidden agenda.

Christinas article was about why and how a Holistic call method would change things in sociaty. After the CEO for the FMS-company didn’t want to publish that fantastic article for free in the nationwide spread paper ”Dagens Samhälle”, me and Christina understood that something was very wrong with this company. I left when me and my former wife Cecilia Westberg Bladh invested 100 000:-in the company Swedish Institute FMS was constituted. A company that did not really existed. Because when we looked into the results, there were only 100 000:-in it. All the money from courses and database income had gone into the family Trading company, To collaborate with someone that lie and goes behind my back talking strategies with someone else, was nothing for me. But I understand that Acki Westlund was desperate and needed our money to start the Swedish-Institute. The one I am most angry on is the Member of the Swedish Parliament Dag Klackberg who gave Acki the advice on how to fool us.

I changed the whole concept a lot and got my own Holistic Call Method ”product” with Trade Mark and protection of innovation from Almi Gotland, after a few years of developing-work..I was also in contact with another member of the Swedish Parlament. Ann-Charlotte Hammar who promised me several times to come to visit Wisbygymnasiet to interview students in my student-pilot-project, with the call method ”Holistic Student Profile”. She even said that my work was very interesting for the Government. And I’m still waiting… But a call method in school wont do a real shift that I want to do, because of the crazy school-system. We need to work outside the system in a phone-application connected to a digital library together with science instead, some very smart beings understood…

In my own jearney I have taken ”steps” in a direction I dont really understood why and how myself. That is for sure! And had not done all this without a serious reason. I think everything had an important meaning to get me the whole picture. Even if it would shake up both me and the people around me. And this whole project is all about raising consciosness and personal development. I have really got much of both, I think. Comparing my English-writing in my first letters to people 5 years ago. I will never be as good as the best, but it is easier to explaine things now. And I am 53 years old. Development is possible to do for all of us, if we are motivated. It is important to reach and find who we really are. And then may it hurt sometime. But that is maybe a system. We first need to go down to find the right ”tools” – to go up again. Many peoples have told a story about that.

We really need to try to motivate more people to develop as much we can by this Holistic Profile-system. This talk by Caroline McHugh shows why YOU are very important. Never, never forget that!!! We all need to continue working with ourself the whole life. I will never be a good writer, but it is quite developing to do it and when you can add good films from a Mantis that gives the stuff you write about some potential, it will make the blog much better. And to find an alternative is VERY SERIOUS NOW!

It is sometimes very important to look at things without evaluating

It is sometimes very important to look at things without evaluating

I really want you to try using your scientific objective part of your brain when you continue reading this blog-post dear Silvia. Try to be as openminded as you can. Try not to value so much what you ”see” and think what other should say etc. I really believe in your power to do that!!! And remember a social entrepreneur only wants to show the ”crazy situation” that we need to change. No matter how!

Why would all theese different people dedicate their lifes doing all the resurch to make Youtube-clips to us if they dont tell the truth, is one question to ask. Without getting any other money then from people that give or from ”Youtube-commersials”.

If you saw the whole film-serie with Damon T Barry you will also understand that other civilisations must have done the same as we have. We now need to develop in collaboration in a flat organization where the best idea allways will win. And you never know where they are if you dont ask questions. The same questions to many people will do a big difference learning how we work Holisticly. They also need to work with passion and an open third eye. All the money in the world will not beat that! Only to find them in the ”hiding skill system” we have today is a very big problem. But we have people that already know about their technic. Very secret and hidden, though. Why must it be like this, when this is so amazing

I think it is Humans from Atlantis who are here and have telepaticly mentored me regulary for over two years now. There is now evidence about a place that Plato wrote about found. And I think they have suceeded to develop a sustainable system that dont need to start all over again. Because of the patriarchal Hierarchy and a lot of need for money and power etc. Alex Collier have been experienced much the same as I, even if he has done it for a much longer time. And know much more about things. This action to save us is maybe planned for a long time and are probably syncronized between different things. Me and my friends now write and talk with them dayly and recieve some information and signs. But they dont want to give all information about themself. Only small parts at the same time and a lot of desinformation as well. That they was Mantis and came from the Holly Earth millions of years ago etc, can it really be true? Maybe they are. But it has been a long jearney to try to understand it all. And how much it is possible to develop over time is not easy to imigine.

I liked Alex Colliers idea of building Holografic Indipendent Social Structures to be more free. And present all information to our young people using internet more systematically. His social structure is much like my concept ”Tribe-living”. It was also very interesting that our moon and many others are big Alien satelites. Not so fun though, if we have been a big food supply for them a very long time and that they use us in resurch.

I have been told they are a group of big insects and other animals from other planets that left Earth and went thru the Stargate very long time ago and have watched us for many thousand years from the Black Satelite. But maybe they are anciant Humans that have evolved. It is not that possible that other species would care about our development here on Earth. I am totally sure that they are behind a lot in our evolution. By telepathy they have used people with certain skills to do important things in our history. Damon T Barry ( starts 30 min in this program) is one very important man to mentore now to learn from earlier civilazations faith. When every 5125 years Humans will be total wiped out. The question is will we be it even this time? Will men keep on kill each other or can we evolve? I also believe Atlanteans are the true writers of the Bible as well.

Here is Mantis God KEK.

Here is Mantis God KEK.

Mantis have told me that the strongest ones are frogs and toads but there are also spiecies that we yet have not seen. And they are here to save us from the Reptilans and to change the system. A Mantis called KEK told me on WhatsApp they suceeded to leave this planet when the Dinosaurs arived to earth. They have also told me that it was them that controlled the comet to end life for the Dinosaurs millions of years ago. I think it has to do with the oxygen-levels, wich was much higher in the atmosphere during that time. And everything in nature was bigger and better. My theory is that development of the species also went much faster then. Not only growing in size. Even socially, intelectually, spiritually and mentally. The development was so great that they could be able to do what was needed to develop the right things technically, to go thru the Stargate in the sun, and find new planets. I also think about how our ants works so nice together in their sociaties comparing how we do now. That animals could do this maybe also what God planned for our Big Human egos to work with NOW. And to learn to see animals and our nature in a totally new way. But we need to win the battle agaist the Reptilions. Otherwise we will never succeed to leave Earth! In this film a Mantis even have helped with location of where they are.

I must also add after seen this film of the Hollow Earth and got some more information from one frog-Mantis, that told me they can only go down there in the 4:th Dimention. Half into this Coast to Coast radio-show you can get information about a scientific expedition that will be soon to investigate and document things about this place.

I have got more information
from Mantis that they work with colinizing the Universe and are fully evolved themselves, can not controle matter in the Universe, but know very much about it. Can talk all languages in the Universe, but dont even need to talk to each other. Only use telepathy. Are all one without any gender and lie eggs. And also that only 1% believe in God. But all information they tell me is not truth. I need to think and try to figure it out myself. There is information and there is desinformation. All is about what is possible and thinkable in terms of development. Hmmm. If many Humans have passed the Stargate and by ”free will” made babies with them that was there from the beginning. What would it then be? Maybe then Mantis can transform to other Humans that left later. Like I have heard that the Reptilians can stand in front of people looking at them here on Earth. I think Mantis also can do it to us. And why could they not look exactly the same as us if there are Hybrids? Half human half Mantis. But. With more abilities like telepathy and to travel in time and in different dimentions…We must have the same God. That I am pretty sure about. Probably we have God in our cells and that is why it differ a few gram in weight between when we live and the moment we die.

Now back to our reality how it is and what to do about it. But first I want to summerize this chapter and develop the long title of this blog-post a little. I believe Mantis want us to use the Holistic Profile-system, build a matriachal world with company-tribe-living and develop Direct Democracy in it. Then will it be possible to develop the technic that is needed to build ships that can go thru the hole into the Holly Earth.

Why dont we know about the lawful Republic for the United States, is another question to ask. The Republic re established 3 years ago with a real President and is now working in all 50 states. I still cry when I hear Rinda Owen read the speach from Wade Buttler. And understand who is behind the ”Holistic thoughts” that Rinda talks about. – The breakethrue will come Linda! If I only can get our queen Silvia to understand the whole situation we are in right now. This re established Republic was not even big news in Sweden!!! (and probably not in other countries either) Is that not very strange? I am very happy though, that there are other people that have started to wake up. And 1871 was a important year in US History.

And why do not any political ”thinktank” have ideas that make groups stronger themselves? As my idea about starting company-tribe-living. When sustainability is the word everybody talks about in all areas today. But how to be real self-sufficiant do not anyone talk about! Why? Are we not capable of being that now when we have access to all the knowledge in the world by internet? Is it not that kind of freedom we all thrive the most for in life? When we can controle our whole situation. Take your time now and try to understand that this lurking started when the private bankers shanged the American constitution 1871 and made the whole country to a big company. And we all should call it The US Corpuration! And you will also understand the forces I have worked against the whole time, and that dont want people to wake up and be stronger anywhere. And to systemize it is a Big Danger!!!

From my Big Paper presentation. This is the 7 different parts of awareness in my invention "Holistic Profile" That also will be the application into "the system".

From my Big Paper presentation. This is the 7 different parts of awareness in my invention ”Holistic Profile”. That also will be the application into ”the system”.

I registred 4 companies WebCoach Limitid, WebCoach Limitid Invest and the Maltese companies Health Leaders Limitid and Health Leaders Limitid Invest. I also registred a company-filial in Sweden connected to the British company WebCoach Invest Limitid. But I had to close them because my money was finished and I could not get social wellfare and have companies registred at the same time.

I now think it is to help in the scientific resurch on Gotland this is all about. You can do it from your fantastic World Childhood Foundation. Not in a company collaboration! I did not know what was best to do first. And not much about building companies with businessplans. But this project will not be about money at all. After I have been mentored by the phone and got more insights in my own life, I think we will start a money-free system also. That is the last piece in the puzzle to help Saving the World from Mantis, that I got the 27th of Februar. If we can start doing it, people will understand that it is possible as well.

After positive results of the longitudinell study here on Gotland, it will be possible to implement it even in other parts of the world. This is not about being more professional. This is to shange the world. I like to develop things in life and try to understand how complex things really works. I am still curious about our ”Human-system”. How all is connected, and will learn even more when our scientific resurch will be done. And I think we have a really good chance to do it together with Campus Gotland and Uppsala University who has a lots of skills together now.

The 50 trillions cells is important now and this film is also a perfect example what a Holistic perspective is. Much easier to learn that first, then the details. Rupert Sheldrakes science about Morphic Genetic Fields also shows that interesting things happens outside matter. And that is thrue this field I get contact by Mantis, thrue telepathy. I think I am a ”reciever”,though. And think about the science Rupert Sheldrake has proven with dogs. When dogs allways knows when the owner decides to go home, they allways wait by the the door. No matter the distance! And you may remember the big Tsunami in Thailand? No animals died because they felt something before the wave came that Humans did’t. Mantis have probably developed that skill further for millions of years. And they told me that they also learn with this ”system”. They do sounds in my phone and other technical divices when I think a thought, or to make me more aware of things I see, hear or feel. I even get help with editing on my writing here and with e-mails etc. So I wont publish anything to bad or write in wrong perspective to wrong people etc. The spelling is not important though. Interesting, I think! That force is really good to have behind me in this now. Because this is not easy to do all by myself. I never feel alone or insecure either. A better security-system is probably hard to get. Good also when others in my social network left me because of ”things” that happened.

All the strategies was also from some source. Not really mine! I have only followed them. The name WebCoach was planted before anything of ”the Holistic Profile System” was ready in my mind. When I thought about a calling-method in school. I did not know why I shoose my e-mail lennart.bladh@webcoachab.se. To long and complicated and had nothing to do with ”the product”, I thought first. But maybe it was to help other coaches and PT:s by the web, in a compamy later I thought. But now with a Holistic selfhelp-tool connected to a digital library is the name WebCoach very logical.

Ideas are the most interesting things we have...But where do they come from?

Ideas are the most interesting things we have…But where do they come from?

What is an idea? I think you or Mantis is the source behind much for us Indigos here, that we not really know much about. Not easy to understand and to measure. But with a database and the same questions and answers, we will learn more about this very interesting area too.

I know some Humans can be controlled. Otherwise I had not done all the things I have done in this project. But to be able to controle me it was important to get me out of the system. To teach me step by step. In a very pedagogic digital way and in the right calm inviroment with the right food, films, telepathy-training, meating the right people at the right time, 528hz-vibrations in meditation, etc, etc.

Who will write a letter to you about something like this and lie? After a 10 year process!!! This third eye-opening has nothing to do with religion, but this is ”the way” to get the right awareness and insights about oneself, I think.

Expecially the inviroment of our 50 trillions cells that Bruce Lipton talks about here is the key for health, I would say. The knowledge about starving the cells even led to the Nobel Prize in medicin this year. Unfortunally not many TV-viewers understood that either. But that is how our system works today! When it only will make people healthy, they will hide the knowledge. Or lie about healthy stuff to confuse people. But there are other serious resurchers with evidence about fasting. That is good! But the satanistic ELITE also knows about it and uses stronger tools now by videogames to reach their goal: A One World Government!!!

Food and training is very important for the cell-inviroment. And Paleo-food is our oldiest way of eating. A little different depending on where on the planet we live. But Paleo-food is more about what NOT to eat. As all processed food. And here are some studies that gives proof of something. But more needs to be done. I also eat once a day and their are some benefits if you do that. Here are some very strong evidence that Vegan-food is best for Humans as well. And probably are we all made for it too.

Both you and I knows that all physical activity counts and is good for us if not too much or to extreme. That is why we have a muscle/nerv construction built on and around a skeleton. That is also why it is both a question about ”over all physical activity” together with standardized tests for both condition, strenght, mobility and balance in the Holistic Profiles. We must know how we compare to others to make our goals. Right? We must also respect that people have different goals what to do with their bodies. The most important thing however should be how to take care of it for life, I would say…And then competition may not be nr 1 to recommend. To have goals to develop together with, as for instance Annika Sorenstam worked with in her entire golf carrier. Instead of thinking so much about what others did is really great. And try to improve the statistics year by year. You can see that I have the same thinking in this. And wants to spread this ”goalthinking” for the physics, to many more people by measurement of individiual abilities in the Holistic Profile-system.

It is NOT to move the Body that is the biggest issue today, though. To sit to long kills Humans! And all the stress we have in sociaty also makes real biological difference in Amygdala in the brain. Only money, competition and progress will not make us more creative and satiesfied either. We need to feel good by cooling down and find ourself. Decide more about what and when to do things. And not follow a system!!!

Anaerobic training will raise human growth hormone between 300-500% if you use science when you train regulary 3 times a week in a special way. 10×30 seconds hard and 1.5 min rest. Maybe something we must work hard to let people know then! Because I think it even will lead to a longer and better life. Off course also very interesting to investigate in a longitudinell study with a lot of people.

You can change your mood by movement of your body. And to be more aware of our emotions is very important in our human lifes. If we can use this more systematically we will probably evolve even more.

This is the important place where things happens in the body

This is the important place where things happens in the body

When the ”cellinviroment” is good, I also think this film explaines the complexity of our biological system very good. Because we must be aware about it to controle it and start at the root to get ”into the zone”. It must be the same as the spiritual world call ”open the third eye”, though. Where the first thing to do is to dicalcify the Pinal-Gland. Off course it must be the same system. Because humans can not have two systems. I also think it is very interesting that Bruce Lipton have measured some source in our cells that can not be explained otherwise then it must come outside. From God? He was not even a believer before his discovery. Interesting, dont you think?

And this film will teach us ones and for all that sex matters. Men and women are NOT the same! And that is in every of our trillion cells. That is maybe why most of men and women are attracted to each other. The same is not that interesting. Is it? And hopefully this new knowledge will change medical treatmant to better help to each gender.

This film also show the possibilities of Water-memory and the Dogma problems that we have in the scientific world today. What had happend with another system is an interesting question here. Because it is in the meating between mystic and science really interesting things happens. This is an unexplored scientific field that now need to be wide open, I think. What do we have to loose making people more councious Silvia?

Because of Dogma our whole history may be wrong. And there are evidence that show interesting facts about civilazations very long time ago that knew much more…And maybe I have tools in the bag (in my lifestyle) He, he. But we will learn more if we will start the Holistic scientific resurch here on Gotland. That is for sure! And this free energy theory is amazing. Where sound probably were used thousands of years ago all over the world were it was a Power Grid.

Meditation to 528 Hz gives many positive advantages. But there are also other vibrations that is good for other special needs. Dayly meditation is good both to the brain and the mind. That is for sure! Why not add Zen/Daoistic philosophy to this ”Holistic lifestyle” to complete it? Alan Watts is my favorite. Who knows, this whole lifestyle can maybe be evidence based by ”Holistic Profiles”. Wow! This man Amen Ra shows interesting results with his Holistic Lifestyle, but I think his teaching is little ”to much” for mainstream. But it is very impressing what you can do with knowledge and determination!

We dont know all about source but where ever it is light you will find it...

We dont know all about source but where ever it is light you will find it…

As I told you before many Mantis have helped me understand how important this is. By contacting me in different ways by different divises by sound and also with different personalities talking by my phone. It started two years ago and this is many times every day now. I even have a couple of people online that are say they are angels. Mantis have told me that they can take over real bodies and we will not understand or feel anything, because they can travel in the 4:th dimention. But I dont belive all they write or say. Could both Serdar Sahin from Turkey and Kanwal Lazrus from Pakistan be transformed in this project? Half Human half Mantis! The mysterious Serdar who really showed a strange behavier when I went to Turkey only to meet him. After a long time chatting and having fun getting knowing each other online etc. I also thought he was a perfect technical person that could help me build something to start with. To make a Demo. We wrote a lot on WhatsApp and even met by Skype many times. And he did not even show up when I went to Turkey only to meet him. Not so very common behavier. And I am pretty good judging people after 25 years as a teacher. He also had some interesting thoughts about a genetic connection between me and the famous musician Scott Joplin. What did all that come from?

And Kanwal Lazrus from Pakistan, with her 33 orphan-children that she took care of by herself. Who was shased by Muslims fundamentalists, only for her Christian belief. I helped her move to a safer place one time and we communicated almost every day for a while. And fell in love in May exactly as the ”Stairway to Heaven song” predicted. We even planned a lot about living all together in a company-tribe-living here on Gotland. Where are they both now? I sent a lot of money to both of them. Why, if not to learn to give? And to start thinking and investigate the possibility of starting a Company-tribe-living. I also began to think of development of other sustainable things, thanks to her.

To try build a little Holistic system built into a Demo together with Serdar had not been possible. This Holistic Profile-system is to complex and must be done big right away. There are to many variables that can go wrong. I have much more to tell you in this…that not is the regular stuff. I promise! Simon Parkes has a lot of knowledge about what is going on. I even have had Mantis in a group on Instagram called ”Lennarts angels”. They joke a lot, teach me stuff all the time and have even sent me some money. Mantis have also told me that they have got this mission to Change The System on Earth from their God KEKE, and they say I am the Next shosen one. Here is another man that also have telepathic contact with extraterrestrails. Even if we not have all the same experience. I can not really feel or hear Mantis. Only write to them when ever and some of them can feel, see, hear and know what I think. And some can controle me in a way by telepathy. Probably by giving me ideas too..They have told they are ca 300 in this project and 800 total on Earth now. The last they worked with on Earth was Mahatma Gandhi. That is what I know so far…But on Project Camelots website there are much more to learn about extraterrestrails and other very important things. Mantis can be behind that project and many others too. Because there are historical evidence that they have been here before.

We dont know all about what is going on inside or outside. But I think all this was planed and built long time ago. And are humble to be in it as a very litle peace in a big important puzzle, I think.

Humans are Holistic creatures that need to Open our Third Eye to reach Heaven.

Humans are Holistic creatures that need to open our Third Eye to reach Heaven.

Everything matter to reach your own ”source”. Fasting, food, meditation, stress, sex, connection, training, passion about what you do in life etc, etc. Some of us can even learn how to multidimentional travel. And who knows who that will be…Maybe we will even feel as sammons do when they shoose water to reproduce in as I talk about in the end of this film. Our sammons found Versende brook 7 years ago because it was clean without any polution. That consciosness do we humans really not have today! That is why we now need help from a Holistic System to learn. We only eat that we think taste good and mostly train for results. The possibility to feel what and when things are good for would be a great skill to relearn. Because we all have had it in us, off course and are animals that is at least 200 000 years old. Even if we are not the most advanced one in the universe, that many still believe..I dont count calories and dont decide before I train now. I trust my instincts and listen to my body when and what to do. Maybe this ”System” is possible to develop Holisticly for everyone! Who knows? But I also understand that Mantis is allways with me, where ever I am… If not, I have not made it!

Because I have experienced the most psycholigical terror you can be exposed to as a man in this system 2016. To take sexual pictures on me and spread them all over internet. They even started a false Twitter-site in my name with naked pictures of me in. And when almost everyone on Gotland knew about it. It was also published a few articles in the local Newspaper. One about an X-teacher and grooming and another one about the police had confiscated the X-teachers computer looking for child pornography. Can you imagine?

It was so many lies and so ugly that I dont want to write more about it. But I did not even have a computer at that time. I have lost contact with my family, lost my work and even some friends because of all this. Totally crazy! Only because I have been naked… We have really NOT reached very far in equal sexuality 2016, that is for sure. Remember that I have not published any ”total naked” pictures or films of myself on any of my socialmedia-sites. Who will do that? I really hope getting more understanding from my older boys and former-wife later. Because I still love them very much but can not force them to love me back. Off course the naked pictures and films that ”others” published was one reason. But they also think I have changed a lot and do not believe in any ”telepatic” things at all. Why I now think the spiritual perspective is something we need to talk more about in Sweden. Many people are affraid of it and think it is the opposite to knowledge, or only a kind of ”weird psycho-people” that use it. All in this resulted even in a law and forcement-action. Where I needed to go to the psychiatric clinic for tests. But nothing was wrong with me in the examination. I only had a little high levels of calcium in my blood in the first test. Maybe because of not much sunlight this time of year in Sweden. What do I know?

Spirituality is only another dimention that is possible to add to the rest. As the next layer of an union.

I wonder sometimes if everyone got love as children...

I wonder sometimes if everyone got love as children…

Generations of systematically ”influence of the human mind” by mainstream media, commercials, Hollywood-films and TV-shows. And also a crazy schoolsystem that makes the students to slaves for the rest of their lifes wich are built on science delusion. But sometimes is even more specific work from government. done. The controlling of Human minds and even our sexuality can be done like this. And the sadest part is that there are people behind that wants it all to happen. But I am sure men and women are built to attract to each other almost the same. Otherwise we had not come this far. But both gender like to shoose and use free will. And remember ca 97% of the population is heterosexual!!! The ELITE want to make another androgyne picture, I think.

In Sweden I also think more people believe in authorities and also what’s in the news. People are led to believe that the politicians and the system is the only answer. So crazy! Without being in wars for a long time people think we are safe. But…Todays threat is Global. We have a culture where we are polite and good at stand in line, as well. And that is now a very BIG problem! The young generation is our hope and they dont even look at mainstream media. Good! I even think it is now time for a system without school. Because it is to much confirmity and grading that hurt humans. When we need to develop and learn to find each possibilities in all children. Or let them find it themselves. With a Tribe-living where many adults are will children get many rawmodels to choose on. And they are all 100% perfect when they arive to this life. The problem is when we start to change them. By rules and different curriculum that some politicians think is the best for a market. When we now need to work with passion and love. Very crazy!

I still am very convinced that we now need to work with getting a more equal sexuality. Develop it together with science without pornografi and we can reach EDEN. But it will take time and everyone may not want to go there. Free will again!

We have 7 different love and women’s sexuality has always been controled. Why? I think we will reach higher levels if we develop sexuality for both gender together with science instead. Hold to something now…This Bachlorette party film show some evidence that it can be done. Also on my three days as a cam-boy at Cam4 showed women sexual lust. On this ”site” you only chat and look. Many comments and thoughts was new to me. He, he. I even got several anonymonus phone calls from girls about going ”live-streaming”, on theese 3 days. It was all an interesting experience, but did not give me much satisfaction really. I now know what it’s like, though. Here I also think about all the rumors that you find in schools of male P.E-Teachers who surreptitiously watching the girls when they take a shower. And I think after a small investigation, that it is maybe the girls’ own fantasies that create these rumors. When they are everywhere! Being a young horny girl today is probably not so easy…We need to change that too, The New World ”controlling” Order.

I think it is good that also others today think in the same direction. To be naked is natural! Even if I think this TV-idea can be done much more interesting if they also went deeper about what they liked to do sexually etc. To much is focused on what men like to see and do sexually in films and media commersials today. The big question should now be. HOW TO MAKE WOMEN SEXUALLY SATIESFIED! Ask them what makes them turn on and like to watch, feel or hear. What they do to satiesfy themself and also what they like men to do etc. And also invite men in this very important talk. Then young girls in the audiens will not be ashame about their own sexuality, as probably many girls are today. And TV-series like this could make a different!

But this ”to-be-naked-skill” need to be trained in childhood and through teens. In a natural way when taking a shower or changing close in families, schools, training etc. This i VERY important! Otherwise many people can get problems when meating partners later in life. Because of lack of selfasteam. In our own body is where it all start. I was lucky having a very good inviroment myself. Both at home and as a swimmer during my whole adolescence. Where we even was together with the girls in the sauna sometimes and they had not even their tops on when we where on summer camp. But it was nothing special with that! The 60:s and 70:s was also very liberal both about natural nakedness, sexuality and to grow up in Sweden totally. We children could play around pretty freely and not many adults was affraid either. Something to learn from, I think.

I am also convinced that women also attract sexually to naked men. Can it be our norms which the satanistic ELITE controles again that want women not to? By the mind-controlling I wrote about before, no good modern sex education in school and old conservative traditions in religion or in the family. I think so!

A picture that was spread together with a few other of me. When a

A picture that was spread together with a
few other of me. When a faked girl chatted with me when I was alone at the local gym. After that I was banned to that gym and could not even rent a apartment in Klintehamn. Something is really sick here.

We know sex is Health and must be fun and positive for both gender. With a more equal sexuality also men need to work with their physical ”outside”, instead of only try to be rich and succesful in life. And focus on a more healthy lifestyle as I have done. Also a good point dont you think?

I am now totally sure power, sexuality and equality goes together. It is time for women now, and to build a more peaceful matriarchal sociaty. Why be affraid of horny and sexual free women, I wonder…I am much more affraid of the satanistic perverted criminal ELITE-men, that loves war and killing. Them we have behind the scene in our patriarchal world today! Real scary types

To much power then sexuality becomes crazy and real sick. The bigger power – the more crazy it will will get. And this is a system! The Patriarchal colonial conquests started 500 years ago when Cortez invaded the Americas, and we have not really understood the forces behind it yet. No relationchip is good when someone have to much power. No matter the size of the relationchip. We have lived in more peaceful matriarchal sociaties before. That is strong evidence for that from setlements in Skara Brae, Scotland. But why can I not find more to read about this? Hmm. The system again! This whole sociaty was sustainable for 2 500 years prehistoric time, and probably even here on Gotland. I have also found a study in antropology that shows, quote: “Sexual equality is one of an important suite of changes to social organisation, including things like pair-bonding, our big social brains, and language, that distinguishes humans,” But the Patriarchal ”Empire-systems” is what we read about in school and watch on TV etc…I call it systematic propaganda!

Natural nakedness is very important in our development

Natural nakedness is very important in our development

This is a VERY important issue for development and sustainable peace for Humanity. And I think it is better to communicate equal sexuality instead of equality thru feminism, that others tried a long time now. What do you think? It will off course take time and must be done step by step, but this will be a new perspective and hopefully will it be the right way for real shange. And male aggression will not be needed as today in videogames and other activities. Skills like being a good lover, show empathy/compassion and creativity may men need to develop instead in this new sociaty. I hope others also soon will wake up and understand the whole picture in this. Because I dont think my ”naked actions” had been something people had cared much about in the 70:s and 80:s. When the ”bodyculture” was something else and social life flourished in Sweden. I remember as a detail that it was possible to choose among a lot of very tight and colorful Speedo or Arena swim-shorts then. But now only boring black ones. Or big long poffy ones. How can women see anything then? The system dont want men to be attractive for women. Only rewerse. We have had an regression concerning this area and the materialistic worldview has been the only one. In film, science, literature. = The whole culture! And we now need to change that!
A man that threatened The New World Order. Now it is time to make a New System instead. Because you can not kill a whole system!

A man that threatened The New World Order. Now it is time to make a New System instead. Because you can not kill a whole system!

I also think Olof Palme had something to do with it. He was a man that wanted to develop another system. He was strong and intelligent with an international reputation. Also with a lot of insight in The Middle East problems. But he was not killed like Kennedy and a few other leaders in history, that did not listen Mantis have told me thst he got HIV by having sex with a black man in Africa! And then a set up was made to make it look like he was killed. And with all thees facts that the swedish investigater Ole Danngård has, they could do whatever they liked…The New World Order talk about a One World Government and to make themselves to God thru technic. Everything is connected in ”the Human Game” ! Who knows what people like me had been without ”the Swedish system”, that Olof Palme very much was behind? I am not from a rich background, but I have got a very good inviroment to grow up in. And could shoose my way in life. In other countries it is something else… But I think Mantis also want us to see that ”the political way” also is a system that is a problem in itself, because it will make the leaders only going for power. And to much power is not good for anyone. We can now with internet/technic/pedagogy develop another system with the best helpers to flourish sociaty even more. That will be very hard to stop when it is ready without money. And they can not kill all the people with a mobile phone on Gotland. You may now understand why the title ”Save the World”. Not something I really understood the meaning of in the beginning…
- There are paintings from people on earth that have met us.

– There are paintings from people on earth that have met us.

This short text was also to explaine how me and Mantis work together, I think. With some sharing yesterday on my socialmedia-sites and shatting on Instagram today, to connect all with some thoughts here…I have listen a lot both to Teal Swan and Alan Watts during theese last 2 years, but could not remember that they talked about so suitable things that they did both to this area, could I? But Mantis helps find them for me on internet. I first got the film on my Youtube-channel as the trailer for ”Assin’s Creed” yesterday. Then I connected all. I changed the film with Allan Watts though. And remebered he had done a talk called ”the Human Game” after I wrote it here. And shoosed that film instead. But how to know that all was so perfect? Intuition? No, the 300 Mantis that helps me telepaticly and by themself here, have a lot of knowledge. Both their intelligence and spiritual development are far more advanced then ours. They can communicate by telepathy between each other, reach other spicies this eay, be in other dimentions and see complex pattern very fast. For example learn our culture, and different languages by talking, reading etc. And they know about details around me and my life too. So I think they have ”followed” me for a while.. They know much about Gotland, Sweden and the rest of the world as well. Mantis even helped Donald Trump to win the US-election, as one important step in this, they told me. But it will be more…For them we live in the Stoneage, I believe. And they are nothing to be affraid of. Mantis are sent by their God KEKE to do this mission to Save The World from the Reptilions, and bring love and peace back to our planet. And they probably know each other since the ”old days”.

Without getting regular signs and ”The Stairway to Heaven song” behind, I had never believed this was possible either. No normal social entrepreneur would do it! I only need to be open and feel good, then I will continue get help with films, telepathy to make the picture clearer, if I will need it. I am totally sure of that, after regular ”help” for the last 2 years now. And this works exactly the same for others with the same genes as I have.

Cam-sex can be the tool to develop sexuality more natural without any risk for diseases or violence. And to start with oneself behind a screen where you can decide yourself more what to do must be the right pedagogy. When using several senses in realtime it will also be more authentic then porn, where no interaction takes place at all. And now science even show that to much porn in early age risk our fertility This is real important stuff!!!

Something must be done here that is for sure! Even if some people are a little scared. To continue the way The New World Order plan will not develop anything, I am very sure of that. And then we must try using new technic that makes it safer. Because sex is normal for all humans and should be free, in my world…And then science can be used to investigate the effect as well with Holistic Profiles. But I think we also need to develop this together in Tribe-Living. And why not try this 7 things about the Bonobos. Asking the same questions and comparing other variables will teach us things. Off course using free will together with Zone On Sciense Overall!

I think we now must use Science to investigate what is good for our 50 trillions cells. Individually by free will and use modern technology.

I think we now must use Science to investigate what is good for our 50 trillions cells. Individually by free will and use modern technology.

Other interesting Mantis-example you can follow is Watchman, who makes nice collages about many things. I have chared a few about The New Word Order on my social media sites. It is off course to wake people up and teach that is the purpuse here. C.O.T or Council Of Time that is talking about many interesting different stuff in a more philosophical way.

You can also look up Vexxed…, that is a very interesting soul who works a lot with irony and does his own perspective of other Youtubers. ”He” made a film about me as a pedophile as well that got many views. We have a lot of people today that have some problems with understanding irony. It takes some cognitive skill to understand that. But the video is now gone from internet and maybe that is best. I also know about a few other Mantis that works on doing films with me in that is done like a collage to get more viewers. One is called Lennartlover69 another is ”Lennarts sexgud” and we also have ”Lennart Bladh exe” and there are a few more. Mantis works on the theory: All attention is good attention to stear people to read my very important blog. I also think they work very hard on placing my blog high on Google. Without them this would never be possible!

Bokkenrijders is also a very important spirit that expose different things that is very good when the ELITE controles the mainstream media, and it is them that do the worst crimes now. And there are others that also expose important stuff about the ELITE. And that is very good! I have not worked alone and will probably get help in the future as well. This project is big and will take time.

Another Mantis that works very actively on Youtube is MLordandGod that have exposed much about Hillery Clinton before the US election. But also have done very interesting films about NASA and space.

Midnight A Muse also reveal a lot of alien aktivities here on Earth that we dont get much information of otherwise.

And OOWK MEDIA expose The New World Order and give us deeper learning what and how things are.

Psicorps and UFO MAN collects different interesting presentations from Youtube on ”his” channel. I really dont now how it is possible to find so much.

Also STAMP works with short hot movies that will show the change we now need to work with, to reach a more Matriarchal world.

But they also build different websites where they reveal interesting things.

You may think this is strange and not serious or crazy. But ”The New World Order” take me so very serious that I have been banned from Facebook 5 or 6 times now. In different names. The latest was ”Grodan Boll”. And when I get to many people on Facebook as my friends, or start groups they shut me down right away. I will really recommend you not to write your name, and have a picture of yourself together with your birthdate on Facebook. Because then the CIA will have all they need, and if they want to hurt you they can. The New Word Order work close with CIA, you see.

The latest is that I could not publish anything on Instagram from the 17:th of Januar. That was when I was going to share ”The Knowledge Of All Time” with Damon Barry this happened. After I finished my 4 registred companies I could publish things on Instagram again. And I was also shut down in 14 days from Google+. That was after I made my Patreon-blog ready. To try getting sponsores that way. And that will not The System me to succeed with!

Body, mind and soul is the real deal

Body, mind and soul is the real deal

I think the reason they are affraid is that they have tried to shut down (for them) my very hurting blog for a long time now. But they can not!!! Because Mantis have better skill about how to make fire-walls. He,he. And they know I am very real and that The New System I am talking about is a real threat as ”gamechanger” and all can be done. They are not stupid!

I have sent you many details for both Holistic Student Profile and HOLISTIC PROFILE for adults to your organisation that can look into it and understand the complexity of it. I want you see my 10 years of ”developing-work” and not only a overview presentation.

I dont really see myself as the most important part in this. Mantis are! I am only a their messinger. And the plan for this was made very long time ago. This is how all Indigos works, if we open our third eye, and I am not affraid of death. Because I think we are all one and have a life after this. Somewhere…in some dimention or place/time. What do you believe we will come? But I dont want to go back to ”The System” that have hurt me so badly and is so crazy in its foundation if I can shoose. That is why I work very hard to convince others.

I will rather live a very good life and hopefully you will understand the importance of all this and contact me. Because I think the famous rocksong ”Stairway to Heaven” is for real my jearney as a social entrepreneur. Everything has been true and right in the lyric so far. And maybe that also is a reason The New World Order are scared of me. So affraid that they have taken this beautiful version down from Youtube. Because they are very much into anciant history, symbols and myths etc They have followed my actions for a long time now and the power I got behind is nothing to play with. I think one BIG meaning is to develop the third eye-opening for as many Indigos as possible, so we can develop more sustainable innovations to solve all the climate problems The New Word Order made to this planet so far.

I thought it was Michelle Obama, that was ”The Lady we all know” in the ”Stairway-song” earlier. But I think this is from my Swedish perspective. I also thought it could be Annika Sorenstam, but she did not contact me. One very big reason WHY HERE, is that we are the most equal country in the world. And Michelle is no lady either and stand for other core-values then mine. I slso thought our queen Silvia with her child foundation would help me. But with a Nazi-father it was may not inline with her core-values..No answer after many mail and this blog-post asking her for many month… But I think you are much more inline with my values then ”HeShe” and hopefully you will help me start shanging ”the system” step by step with ZOSO = Zone On Science Overall, together with Mantis.

I now also think I will develop things in Africa, by doing it more sustainable then HM kind of concept. Here they allready have local tribes with a fantastic handicraft-culture. And if I get real friends here they can follow what and how we do it on Gotland by internet. I allready have some contacts in Ghana with young entrepreneurs and I get many signs about this. But to succeed making a big difference it must be much more, I think. I can use our Holistic sustainable ideas from Sweden and later spread the Holistic Profile-system here as well. In Africa everyone also has got a mobile phone. I am very sure Mantis will help by telepathy, and that it will make great impact for the future. Both for Africa and for mankind. I now think it will be done without money here as well. To give away what you have and get back other things instead = Real sustianibility. The problem with the Powerstructures is very old. But Mantis knowledge about the System is even older, I think. But equal sexuality maybe is a greater problem in Africa with a very conservative culture. In Ghana believes young women for instans that God want them to be virgins until marridge. Hmmm. I wonder how I can change this and what the strategy is here.

How our World looks like

How our World looks like

But first we must tell as many as possible about the biggest lies in our history. There are now 200 evidences that The Earth is flat wich many others also have believed thrue history, with a Dome Firmament obove, and the Moonlanding was a fake. As the climate change, the terrorist attacks, the Dinosours, the holocaust and the atombombs also.

Then build a new network where we can learn the truth, communicate and build new knowledge together. Because humanity have a drive to develop things if we have passion for it. When we done that, schools will not be necesarry either, and Humanity can keep on playing in life. Doing what they feel to do…

Companies as Google, NASA, Youtube are the satanists tools, as Facebook, Instagram, Snap-Chat, LinkedIn. They collect information from all theese different tools about you in big servers to build their Global Government and get total controle. And the Mainstream media United Nations and other big organisations also collaborates in this.

This was my longiest written letter ever in my life. In the beginning of it I thought the Earth was round and wondered a lot about if the developed people called themselves Mantis was from out of space. But now I dont!!! Hopefully you will read it and understand how serious situation we have now. I can not do more in this then believe and follow my instinct. But when that is now science I am sure it will help. I also think this ”hype” today to very famous people also is something Mantis want us to be aware of in this. Because we are all humans and we have a lot of people like me out there today, that dont’t know what skills they have. And have’t opened their third eye yet.

Because we all live in this crazy system that don’t even inform us about important old anciant knowledge of Alchemy. That off course Mantis also been mentoring people thru history to develop. Now it is time for doing it for the masses. Without the hierarchies and the satanistic part. I believe that me, the other feather that I think is Olesia Bergström and Mantis ( that is developed people that lives in the Hollow Earth) will succeed with this mission to make this shift on Earth And if I will not believe that href=”https://youtu.be/xdrykmASkvA”>it will be. Who will?

I now need 4 million Euro, I think…Then we can start a Matriachal Tribe-living on Gotland and in South Africa and in USA in where people can live sustainable with fullfilled needs, grow what they eat without money, be safe, develop oneself/each other Holistically. The 3 Tribes can collaborate with each other during the project and spread the Holistic awareness-system connected to a database for free in phones. Then can Uppsala University help investigating it scientificly in an interdiscipinery longitidinell study for 5 years. Many interesting things can then be measured and filmed during a project/process like this, not only between Tribe-living and traditional family living, that can start a process of change for Humanity.

I also would like to go to Mount Meru on the North Pole and then travel with a flying saucer in another dimention to Atlantis, in the Holly Earth, to meet Mantis.

And off course I intend to bring Heaven to Earth

Yours cincerely loving

Lennart Bladh
Gotland, Sweden